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s3ql::fs::Operations Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def access
def check_args
def copy_tree
def create
def destroy
def extstat
def flush
def fsync
def fsyncdir
def getattr
def getxattr
def handle_exc
def init
def link
def listxattr
def lock_tree
def lookup
def mkdir
def mknod
def open
def opendir
def read
def readdir
def readlink
def release
def releasedir
def remove_tree
def removexattr
def rename
def rmdir
def setattr
def setxattr
def statfs
def symlink
def unlink
def write

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _create
def _read
def _remove
def _rename
def _replace
def _write

Detailed Description

A full-featured file system for online data storage

This class implements low-level FUSE operations and is meant to be passed to

The ``access`` method of this class always gives full access, independent of
file permissions. If the FUSE library is initialized with ``allow_other`` or
``allow_root``, the ``default_permissions`` option should therefore always
be passed as well.


:cache:       Holds information about cached blocks
:encountered_errors: Is set to true if a request handler raised an exception
:inode_cache: A cache for the attributes of the currently opened inodes.
:open_inodes: dict of currently opened inodes. This is used to not remove
              the blocks of unlinked inodes that are still open.
:upload_event: If set, triggers a metadata upload

All methods are reentrant and may release the global lock while they
are running.

Directory Entry Types

S3QL is quite agnostic when it comes to directory entry types. Every
directory entry can contain other entries *and* have a associated data,
size, link target and device number. However, S3QL makes some provisions for
users relying on unlink()/rmdir() to fail for a directory/file. For that, it
explicitly checks the st_mode attribute.

Definition at line 39 of file fs.py.

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