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s3ql::backends::ftplib::FTP Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def abort
def acct
def close
def connect
def cwd
def delete
def dir
def getline
def getmultiline
def getresp
def getwelcome
def login
def makepasv
def makeport
def mkd
def nlst
def ntransfercmd
def putcmd
def putline
def pwd
def quit
def rename
def retrbinary
def retrlines
def rmd
def sanitize
def sendcmd
def sendeprt
def sendport
def set_debuglevel
def set_pasv
def size
def storbinary
def storlines
def transfercmd
def voidcmd
def voidresp

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 debug = set_debuglevel
int debugging = 0
 file = None
string host = ''
int passiveserver = 1
 port = FTP_PORT
 sock = None
 welcome = None

Detailed Description

An FTP client class.

To create a connection, call the class using these arguments:
        host, user, passwd, acct, timeout

The first four arguments are all strings, and have default value ''.
timeout must be numeric and defaults to None if not passed,
meaning that no timeout will be set on any ftp socket(s)
If a timeout is passed, then this is now the default timeout for all ftp
socket operations for this instance.

Then use self.connect() with optional host and port argument.

To download a file, use ftp.retrlines('RETR ' + filename),
or ftp.retrbinary() with slightly different arguments.
To upload a file, use ftp.storlines() or ftp.storbinary(),
which have an open file as argument (see their definitions
below for details).
The download/upload functions first issue appropriate TYPE
and PORT or PASV commands.

Definition at line 84 of file ftplib.py.

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